Keeping It Simple Solutions LLC is a business support service company, established in 2010, that provides cost-effective solutions to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. This includes a variety different services that will help boost your day-to-day operations.

Why Choose Us?

OwnerPicSome businesses feel pressured into making difficult decisions when faced with shrinking budgets, declining volunteerism, and increasing human service needs. At the same time, management is asked to produce more revenues, more visibility, and more services with fewer resources. One answer is the use of an outside firm to produce results. Utilize our skill base and allow your permanent staff to focus attention on day-to-day programs. Many organizations, just like yours, will discover the benefits and time savings of working with Keeping It Simple Solutions LLC.

Our goal is to provide clients with the most cost-effective business services to enable them to reach their goals. Planning and organizing is a key component for any business to be successful and survive and grow in any industry.


“Keeping It Simple Solutions LLC believes by putting the right steps in place we can help your business succeed and reach its maximum potential.”